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Interiors Remodeling

Bathrooms / Kitchens / Room Conversions / Drywall/Taping / / Hardwood & Bamboo Floor Installation / Painting / Custom Barn Doors / Tiling


Power Washing / Patios / Decks /  Walkways / Landida™ Smart Landscapes Installation

Complete Renovations

In today's economy, your home is one of the most important assets that provide financial stability and secure investment in the feature. Let us improve your property value through smart and comprehensive renovation process!

Landida™ Smart Landscapes

Convert to Landida™ Smart Landscapes

Landida™ landscapes are designed to reduce or completely forgo the use of precious energy, fresh water, harmful pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Yet they are human- and pet-friendly, visually pleasing, evergreen, eco-conscious and virtually maintenance free.

Convert to Landida™ smart landscape with ToughConstruct™!

HVAC Split Systems Installation

Keep it cool in the Summer and warm in the Spring/Fall with the top of the line heat pumps or AC split systems. Modern Split Systems are much more efficient than other types of gas, oil or electric heating/cooling. Take advantage of the utility bill savings and conserve the energy! ToughConstruct has got you covered!

Complete Property Renovation Project / Kitchen Remodel / Bathroom Remodel / ToughConstruct™ / Hudson Valley
Custom Barn Doors by ToughConstruct™ Hudson Valley

Custom Barn Doors

Barn doors are in style! Upgrade your bathroom, closets, or living room entrance with beautiful and functional barn door. We specialize in design, production, and installation of custom barn doors. Contact us for the free estimate.

Custom Featured Walls

Featured Wall is an easy and quick way to upgrade your interior design. Wood or stack stone - the choice is yours! ToughConstruct will help you to install it in no time. Need help with design? Duncan Avenue Design Studio expert can help!

Custom featured walls by ToughConstruct™ Hudson Valley
Custom light fixtures installation by ToughConstruct™ Hudson Valley

Custom & Architectural Lighting

Custom light fixtures will add a functional and unique conversation piece to your dining room, living room, or bathroom. Don't just buy it from a store! Get it designed specifically for your home! ToughConstruct specializes in the installation of custom light fixtures designed by Duncan Avenue Studio and custom architectural LED lighting projects.