Stylish Renovations

ToughConstruct is Hudson Valley's Premiere Construction Company and has been featured in the Hudson Valley Style Magazine and Nominated for the 2018 Style & Design, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility Awards.

Interior Remodeling

We specialize in high-end custom fit projects and are proud to work with World Class Interior Design Experts. Whether you already have the design and vision or would like us to design your new kitchen, bathroom or a living room, ToughConstruct and Duncan Avenue Design Studio have got you covered!

Complete Renovations

Our motto is "Build it Though/Construyendo Fuerte" - couldn't be more important when you are about to invest thousands into your real estate property. Plumbing, Electric, Framing, Carpentry... No worries! ToughConstruct has got you covered!

Ready to get it done?

Contact us for a free quote. We are ready to take on the next stylish and amazing renovation project anywhere in the greater Hudson Valley region including New York's Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties.

Building Hudson Valley in Style

When you choose ToughConstruct you choose a leading Hudson Valley-based construction company. A company that helps invest you in your future, to us you are not a one-off client – we form long-standing relationships with all our valued customers. With a multitude on offer, we transcend conventional construction services and offer our own touch of creativity to any project which you wish to undertake and along the way unleash our own creative genius, professionalism and a network of world-class construction experts to your benefit.

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